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Stuart Corkindale - Piano Tutor

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. A bit about myself: my name’s Stuart and I’ve been playing the piano since the age of 11 – and that’s quite some time, 35 years to be exact!

As a youngster, I was naturally drawn to playing the piano and would practise for the love of it. Nobody had to force me to practise, parents included! I loved playing the piano and wanted to. What’s more, I still do, and every day for me is a piano playing day.
In June 2016, I sat and passed “Grade 8 Piano” (A.B.R.S.M.) with “Distinction”. This goal has been a fun and enjoyable journey. My aim now is to help to enable you and/or your child/ren to work towards achieving your own piano playing goals in accordance with your own dreams and wishes – whilst having fun of course, as has been my experience, along the way.

As well as having passed many practical piano playing qualifications, I am a qualified secondary school music teacher having, for many years, taught in schools in England and also, peripatetically, in Scottish schools. I am also a Grade 8+ clarinettist having additionally qualified on this instrument with an Advanced Certificate Diploma.

My main occupation and enjoyment these days, and over the past few years is and has been providing piano tuition in the comfort of students’ own homes, tutoring in different areas of Glasgow, and surrounding areas, depending on demand. So you might, for instance, find me Monday evening teaching in Bearsden and Milngavie, cycling between different students’ homes, or the next evening teaching in the West End of Glasgow, the next evening in the Shawlands area depending on where clusters of students happen to live.

Oh, and the reasons I cycle from one student to the next are threefold:

1: I like cycling ;)
2: The exercise ensures that I arrive at the next student energised and in a fresh frame of mind for teaching and
3: Bikes are cheaper and tend to be more reliable than buses!

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